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To help you better understand DALI dimming technology, we created a 30 pages PDF book. It was prepared by our experienced DALI engineers and product managers. You can get it free today just by putting your E-mail here. 

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Simple introduction of Class P LED driver program

Have you been seeking greater flexibility and safety in lighting products without the time and expense of recertification? The Class P LED Driver Program can help. LED technology not only offers greater efficiency and longer lifetimes, but it also offers greater design freedom. With the Class P LED Driver Program, you can now take full advantage of all of

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UL Class P certification of LED drivers

Background: Current requirements of UL 8750 for LED drivers provides for variability in test conditions such as load types, ambient temperatures and permissible temperatures during abnormal testing. This approach offers flexibility with the safety evaluation, but requires detailed review of the test program and partial testing of the LED driver when it is integrated into

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Programming the LED Drivers by NFC

Nowadays, most of the LED drivers in the market supports programming output current and other parameters, this article describes how to program the LED driver by NFC technology. 1. NFC (Near Field Communication) Introduction NFC (Near Field Communication) is now frequently involved in everybody’s digital life, such as transportation, security, payment, cellphone data exchange and

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RFID vs. NFC: What’s the Difference?

If you follow developments in the tech industry on a semi-regular basis, you’re likely familiar with the terms near-field communication (NFC) and radio frequency identification (RFID). Recently, you may have seen RFID in the news, or you may have been told that your cell phone is an NFC device. In any case, this article will

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Choose the Right Lighting Protocols

Intelligence is now everywhere, the phone, the households, the white appliances, watches, and general lighting as well. No matter whether you are used to it or not, it is really the trend,and no matter whether you accept it or not, it is changing your life. Today we are going to talk about intelligent lighting control. Actually

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Possibilities of LED Driver Application Failures

LED lighting industry has been booming for several years and it is well recognized that LED driver is the key component of LED lights.  Usually the quality and right application of LED driver determines the reliability and life of the whole light fixture. So it is very important to make sure that fixture designers are

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LED driver lifetime

What is PF PFC MTBF and Lifetime of LED Driver

What is PF of LED Driver? The power factor of a power supply is a ratio of the real power to apparent power of the power consumed by the supply. It is expressed either as a number between 0 and 1 or as a percentage between 0 and 100%. Real power is the actual power

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LED Driver Power Factor and Load

Hello everyone, Today we will talk about the relation between power factor and load. As we know that power factor is a very critical parameter when we are designing the lights, and a key value which evaluates the pollution caused by the electrical device to the electricity grid.Normally it has to be over 0.9 according

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400W NFC Programmable LED driver

Why use high efficiency LED drivers

There are a number of reasons why it is advisable to use LED drivers with high efficiencies. Benefits of high efficiency LED drivers The first, of course, is the cost benefits of high efficiency drivers. The less energy that is required to provide the desired luminous output, the less it costs to power the fixture.

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LED lighting systems continue to soar as we can see everywhere. But do you know that there is a driving force as the key component behind the LED fixtures? They are the LED drivers. The LED power supply regulates the LED fixture’s power (voltage or current), thus precisely controlling the light output. In addition, high quality LED

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