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Founded in 2016, uPowerTek is a Sino-US joint venture state-level high-tech waterproof LED driver manufacturer.  uPowerTek is committed to providing sales services and technical support to customers around the world through the development and production of high-quality intelligent LED terminal solutions and high-power LED drivers.

Why Choose Us


The core team members of uPowerTek are from leading companies in the industry such as Philips, Delta and Inventronics, so you can get the customized products from us very quickly.


The factory consists of 3 floors and an area of over 8,000 square meters. It adopts imported equipment from Europe and America and is equipped with SPI and AOI welding inspection and analysis equipment.


Our sales staff has a good technical background and good oral English ability to respond to customer needs within 24 hours, all of them are well trained and has been in this industry for many years.


World-class semiconductor, IC solution providers (NXP, ST, Onsemi, TI) and capacitors (Japan Ruby and NCC) are our preferred suppliers. Standard R&D test procedures include EVT, SVT, DVT and PVT.

Our Team

 The company’s core team is a group of senior engineers who have been deeply involved in the lighting and switching power supply industry for many years.


George Mao



Jim Wang



Neo Dong

Programming Expert


Charles Chen

Sales Director


Nick Ke

R&D Director


Jack Han

R&D Director


Jian Dai

Quality Director


Amy Yu

Supply Chain Manager

Trusted By

uPowerTek LED drivers have been trusted by clients all over the world

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Our professional team is ready to turn your requirements to real products.

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