Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers

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There are a lot of things that needs to be considered before choosing Constant Voltage LED drivers, so we prepared this page for you to understand everything. This table of contents helps you better understand what this page is about.

General Applications for Constant Voltage Drivers

Constant voltage LED drivers can be used to run several parallel lights, such as LED strings and LED strips. But the voltage output has to fulfil the voltage requirement of the whole LED strips for its efficient working. Constant voltage LED drivers are primarily used in moving signs in grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, and many other places.
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Hot Selling Constant Voltage LED Drivers

These constant voltage LED drivers range from 60Watt to 400Watt, all of them have IP67 waterproof protection level. DALI, 0-10V, PUSH, PWM and DMX dimming are availale. 12V, 24V and 48Vdc output makes it very popular for LED strips.We offer 7 year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about the quality issue.

How does dimming work?

Signal Input Dimmable LED Drivers.

The signal input which can be 0-10V or PWM signal dimmable driver is helpful for a variety of reasons. The dimming signal is carried by an extra pair of wires in these signal input dimmers. The signal uses a variety of protocols, including 0-10/1-10V, DMX, DALI, and a variable resistor. These signals can be connected to the driver through a pair of control wires separate from the DC output or AC input.

dimmable led driver

The 0-10V dimmer, which may be supplied with a rotary knob or a vertical slider, readily connects to the power supply’s two dimming wires. As a result, it gives your LED strip light, smooth, and effective dimming capabilities.

0-10V Dimmable

DMX dimmable

PWM Output

Why do you need PWM output constant voltage LED drivers for LED strips?

PWM is an abbreviation for pulse width modulation. PWM has several applications, one of which is dimming and regulating LED lights. If you’re using a signal input dimmable driver, make sure the output is PWM. A PWM allows for a wide range of brightness by altering the amount of time the signal is ON or OFF. Unlike analog dimming, the PWM signal cannot be both ON and OFF at the same time. In other words, an LED will receive either full voltage or no electricity at all.

PWM dimming solves the challenge of load matching. This implies that you will always have constant and full-range dimming independent of the driver capacity and/or load. It also allows for equal dimming levels by using different size drivers controlled by the exact driver. This means that a 100W driver can operate an 80W load, and a 120W driver can work an 80W dimming at the same pace.

PWM not only achieves a lower dimming level, but also a much more accurate dimming for LED strips.

Dead Trip Issue

There will be dead trip issue if you use constant current LED drivers for LED strips.

Compared with Meanwell’s HLG/ELG solutions, Upowertek PWM dimming does not have any problems of “dead-travel or dead trip” of dimmers. For example, a 100W constant current driver drives a 100W LED strip, then there is no dead trip issue, however, in most of the common applications, we may use a 100W driver to drive 70W strip, for example, then the constant current driver output is 70W even though the dimmer output is higher than 7V until 10V thus the real adjustment range is 0-7V. If the load is smaller, the dead trip area is wider thus it makes the dimming experience very uncomfortable. But for a 100W PWM dimmable constant voltage driver, when the dimming voltage is 10V, the output of the driver is 70W as 100% load level and goes down linearly and smoothly with the dimming voltage until very low.

hlg 2

Lead Time

  • Samples:  2 or 3 days usually. It takes more time if there is any customization requirement, such as private label.
  • Volume orders: 3 to 4 weeks usually.
  • Shipping time: It takes about 3 to 5 days to ship by express,such as DHL or UPS,  and it’s around 2 to 4 weeks by Sea.
  • Guarantee: Upowertek has an efficient team to process your orders, we try everything to short the lead time. Even under shortage of raw materials this year, we stocked enough components to meet our customer’s demand for lead time. For some top urgent projects, we have special team to ensure everything is on schedule.

7 to 10 Year Warranty

  • Upowertek has strong R&D team, strict process and professional factory to ensure high quality of the LED drivers.
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Strict Process
  • Qualified Components
  • Adequate Design Margin
  • Strict Verification Hardware System

Why Choose Us

You can get all kinds of waterproof dimmable LED drivers from us, such as 0-10V dimmable and DALI dimmable. 
0 10v advantage 2

Rich Product Portfolio

The effectiveness of LED dimming depends on the LED source and driver. Different methods could be used in dimming LED strips, with each having its pros and cons. A signal input dimmable driver is arguably the best at dimming LED strips due to its versatility and affordability. A PWM output is essential while using these drivers because it solves the challenge of load matching. If you’re itching to get quality signal input dimmable drivers, we are at your service. PWM mode constant voltage LED driver has great advantages over constant current mode and the cost does not add much. It is more suitable for applications where end-users have high and restricted requirements for the quality of the light. And Upowertek constant voltage drivers cover from 50-400W output power range

Smooth Dimming Effect

There isn’t any flicker during the dimming process, it looks very comfortable.


Upowertek has more than ten partners and distributors around the world, and its products are mainly exported to developed countries in Europe and America and domestic coastal areas. Our sales staff has a good technical background and good oral English ability to respond to customer needs within 24 hours, all of them are well trained and has been in this industry for many years.


Upowertek strictly controls product quality: World-class semiconductor, IC solution providers (NXP, ST, Onsemi, TI) and capacitors (Japan Ruby and NCC) are our preferred suppliers. Standard R&D test procedures include EVT, SVT, DVT and PVT. The CPK is limited to 1.33. The factory complies with and passes the ISO9001/14001 inspection and certification.


The factory consists of 2 floors and an area of over 3,000 square meters. It adopts imported equipment from Europe and America and is equipped with SPI and AOI welding inspection and analysis equipment. A quality control team of more than 10 people to ensure every manufacturing process. The product is 100% aging for 4 hours and is shipped after ATS testing. All test data is entered into the cloud tracking system.


The main products are certified by UL, ENEC, CCC, CB, BIS, PSE and RCM. 10kV lightning protection for outdoor application, 7 year warranty and 380Vac input over voltage protection are the industry leading level.  At the same time, DALI dimming, Bluetooth dimming, LoRa, PLC and other solutions in the field of intelligent lighting have been accepted and recognized by the market.


The core team members of Upowertek are from leading companies in the industry such as Philips, Delta and Inventronics. The main members are graduated from Zhejiang University in Power Electronics. Every year, the company’s R&D investment accounts for more than 10% of the total revenue. It is committed to continuous innovation and gains market by bringing valuable products to customers in the fierce market competition.


Having been designing and manufacturing LED drivers for global customers, Upowertek is always regarding quality and reliability as the first priority, and as a technically leading company, Upowertek keeps creating extra values for customer by continuously rolling out new products like NFC programmable drivers, and input voltage protected ones.


Everything you would like to know about Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Drivers

Yes, we have 12V, 24V and 48V constant voltage LED drivers, the output power ranges from 60Watt to 400Watt.

It's 4kHz. At such high frequency output, there isn't any flicker, it's safe for human healthy.

No, we use PWM output technology, the dimming effect is very smooth.

Yes, our products can dim to off if the dimming voltage is lower than 0.5V, and the dim off voltage can be set by our programming software

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