DMX Dimming Waterproof LED Drivers

IP67 Waterproof DMX dimmable LED Drivers

Usually, DMX LED driver is used for stage lighting, but more and more applications also require DMX dimmable LED drivers recently, such as sports lighting. But the traditional DMX LED drivers are IP20 version, there isn’t an IP67 version. And the output power is very low usually. uPowerTek developed the high power 320W to 1000W IP67 waterproof DMX LED driver to fulfil the market demand.

Product Features

  • Input Voltage: 100-305Vac or 180-528Vac
  • DMX 512 Dimming
  • Support RDM function
  • 95% Efficiency Max. 
  • Low Inrush Current
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75℃ 
  • 7 Year Warranty @ Tc<=75℃ 
  • NFC Programmability
  • UL Class P, ENEC/CB/CCC SELV Output
  • Global Certified Model Available
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3,61347-2-13, 623847
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waterproof dmx led driver

IP67 Waterproof

uPowerTek DMX LED drivers meet IP67 waterproof standards. All the drivers are 100% potted with Polyurethane, which has very good waterproof performance. Metal casing design also has a great IP level, the LED drivers are suitable for outdoor applications.

During the potting process, uPowerTek also has the vacuum process, which helps to eliminate the bulbs in the driver. This process helps to protect the LED driver from breaking from high temperatures.

Flashing Function >>>

The sports lights develop each year. More and more projects require flashing functions from the LED light. However, the response of high power constant current LED driver is very slow usually, so it’s not easy to achieve the flashing function.

uPowerTek overcame the technical barrier and has the flashing function successfully on all the DMX LED drivers. The flashing frequency can be up to 30Hz.

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How to set DMX address?

uPowerTek DMX LED driver supports DMX 512, we have tested the compatibility performance with many DMX controllers. Users can use a cellphone to set the DMX address, it’s very convenient. There isn’t dip switch or LED screen on the LED driver, which makes sure better waterproof performance.

The APP used to set DMX address can be downloaded here.

RDM Supported LED Driver

RDM stands for Remote Device Management Protocol.

With the RDM-supported DMX LED drivers, users could set the DMX address by RDM controller. uPowerTek RDM DMX LED driver has been tested with compatibility with many world-famous brand RDM controllers.

RDM allows your console to set the base address for the lights. Thus no need for dip switches, it can help you save the installation cost.

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DMX Dimming Curve

For outdoor applications, the min. dimming level is 10% usually. The extra cost will be very high if we achieve 1% or even lower dimming level, but it’s not necessary for sports lighting or other outdoor applications. uPowerTek outdoor DMX dimmable LED driver offers min. 10% dimming level.

The preset dimming curve is a linear dimming curve. There are 255 stages for the DMX dimming, 0 corresponds to dim off, and 1 to 25 corresponds to min. 10% dimming level, 26 to 255 corresponds to 11% to 100% dimming level.

All-in-one solution

Usually sports lights have very high power, but there isn’t such a DMX LED driver in the market, so customers have to use a DMX to 0-10V converter to control the 0-10V LED driver, which is very complex and expensive. Or they have to use a constant voltage LED driver plus a DMX decoder, and it’s hard to find a waterproof DMX decoder in the market.

uPowerTek developed this kind of all-in-one DMX LED driver with constant current output, there aren’t extra converters or decoders, improving the product reliability and saving cost.

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How to Wire?

dmx wiring

Products for Your Choice

Model NumberInput Voltage
Range Vac
Out Power
CertificationOutput Current
BLD-320-XXX-MRS90 – 305320WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1050 – 9000225*68*38.5
BLD-400-XXX-MRS90 – 305400WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1400 – 9900224*90*41.5
BLD-500-XXX-MRS90 – 305500WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1400 – 11A224*90*41.5
BLD-600-XXX-MRS100 – 305600WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC2800 – 14A237*125*49
BLD-700-XXX-MRS100 – 305700WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC3200 – 16A237*125*49
BLD-800-XXX-MRS100 – 305800WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC3600 – 18A237*125*49
BLD-900-XXX-MRS100 – 305900WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC3600 – 18A237*125*49
BLD-1K1-XXX-MRS100 – 3051000WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC4200 – 21A363*90*41.5
TLD-320-XXX-MRS180 – 528320WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1050 – 6900224*68*38.5
TLD-400-XXX-MRS180 – 528400WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1400 – 9900224*90*41.5
TLD-480-XXX-MRS180 – 528480WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC1400 – 11A224*90*41.5
TLD-600-XXX-MRS180 – 528600WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC2800 – 14A237*125*49
TLD-700-XXX-MRS180 – 528700WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC3200 – 16A237*125*49
TLD-800-XXX-MRS180 – 528800WUL/ENEC/CB/RCM/CCC3600 – 18A237*125*49

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