Multi-Channel RGB(W) Dimmable LED Driver for Sports Lighting

tyk 33
  • 600W to 2000W Output Range
  • Absolute Supply Voltage: 180~528Vac
  • 20kV Built-in Surge Protector
  • 97% Efficiency Max.
  • Low-Frequency Ripple (Broadcasting Level)
  • 0.1% Minimum Analog Output Dimming
  • Fast Dimming and Quick Flashing
  • Low Inrush Current
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75℃
  • 7 Year Warranty @ Tc<=75℃
  • 0-10V/PWM/D4i/DALI2/DMX/RDM Support
  • NFC Programmability
  • IP66 and IK08 Enclosure

Innovative Saving: Integrated Design

  1. Save Components Cost: Integrates multiple components into one LED driver, substantially cutting down on the number of parts needed and reducing material costs. You can save the driver box, junction box, surge protectors, DALI or DMX converters.
  2. Installation Simplification: Merges various modules into a single unit, leading to an easier and faster installation and wiring process that can significantly save on labor.
  3. Maintenance Streamlining: With fewer separate elements involved, maintenance becomes less complicated and more cost-effective, enhancing overall product reliability.
  4. Shipping and Handling Economy: The compact, all-in-one design leads to a reduction in packaging and transportation costs, offering logistical advantages and environmental benefits.
  5. Design Versatility and Lightness: The integration allows for a lighter and smaller form factor in lighting fixtures, granting greater flexibility in design and placement while lowering structural support requirements.
tyk 800x668 1
remote driver

Cost-Saving Remote Installation

  1. High-Voltage Advantage: With an output reaching up to 500V, the driver ensures minimal voltage drop, facilitating remote installations up to 500 meters apart, ideal for expansive setups.
  2. Flexible Positioning: The capability to maintain high voltage allows the LED driver to be positioned at the base of light poles or centralized in a distribution box, offering versatile installation options and space-saving benefits.
  3. Labor and Maintenance Savings: Centralized or easily accessible driver placement reduces the time and labor costs associated with installation and ongoing maintenance, streamlining operations.
  4. Electrical Infrastructure Efficiency: The reduced current on the wires due to high output voltage translates to thinner and less expensive cabling, decreasing the overall infrastructure costs.
  5. MCB Optimization: Support for low inrush current minimizes the likelihood of tripping circuit breakers, allowing for more efficient circuit management and potential savings on electrical components.

Multi-Channel for RGB(W) Lights

  1. Independent Control: uPowerTek TYK series RGBW LED driver offers 3 or 4 independent outputs, users can control them separately by DMX or DALI technology.
  2. Enhanced Spectator Experience: By incorporating our 3 or 4-channel output LED drivers, which offer a wider range of colors and better color rendering, sports light manufacturers can significantly enhance the viewing experience in stadiums, giving manufacturers a competitive edge in the sports lighting market.
  3. Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: WRGB systems require less power to achieve the same brightness level as traditional RGB systems, providing manufacturers with an energy-efficient lighting solution. This efficiency not only reduces operating costs for stadiums but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions in the sports industry.
multi channel

Fast Dimming and Quick Flashing

  1. Competitive Edge for Light Manufacturers: Offering quick flashing capabilities positions light manufacturers at the forefront of stadium lighting technology. This feature can be a key selling point, distinguishing their products in a competitive market and appealing to modern sports facilities looking for innovative lighting solutions that enhance both the live and broadcast experience of sporting events.
  2. High-Speed Response: Designed for quick on-off transitions up to 30fps, our driver is ideal for stadium lights which can enhance the viewing experience for the audience and improve the quality of broadcasts
  3. Customizable Stroboscopic Effects: With adjustable flashing frequencies, our driver allows light manufacturers to tailor their stadium lights for specific sports events, providing an optimal visual experience for both live and televised audiences.

Enhanced Broadcasting

  1. Advantage in Broadcast Applications: The low output ripple of our LED drivers allows manufacturers to market their lighting as suitable for high-definition broadcasting environments. This feature ensures flicker-free illumination, crucial for live sports broadcasts, thereby meeting the high standards of modern broadcasting and giving an edge in sectors where visual clarity is paramount.
  2. Market Appeal with Atmospheric Control: The 0.1% minimum dimming level provides light manufacturers the ability to offer fixtures capable of subtle lighting transitions. This feature is particularly appealing for stadiums seeking to create specific atmospheres and moods for different events, enhancing the marketability of these lighting products.
enhanced broadcasting 6

DMX512 and RDM Dimming

  1. DMX512 and RDM Support for Dynamic Control: By incorporating DMX512 and RDM protocols, our LED drivers enable manufacturers to offer highly dynamic and precise lighting control, ideal for complex lighting designs and effects.
  2. Enhanced Versatility in Product Line: Supporting these advanced protocols expands the versatility of sports lights manufacturers’ product lines, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from sports lighting to architectural projects.
  3. Remote Management and Simplified Maintenance: RDM’s bidirectional communication enables not only remote monitoring and management of lighting fixtures but also simplifies installation and troubleshooting processes, offering a significant advantage in terms of ease of use and reduced maintenance costs.

DALI-2 and D4i Dimming

  1. Broad Compatibility with DALI-2 and D4i: Supports both DALI-2 and D4i protocols, enabling light manufacturers to create versatile sports lights suitable for a wide range of intelligent lighting systems and applications.
  2. Enhanced Product Appeal: Offering compatibility with DALI-2 and D4i enhances the appeal of sports lights in markets increasingly leaning towards smart and automated lighting solutions, setting sports lights manufacturers apart from competitors.
  3. Energy Efficiency and Data Reporting: D4i’s focus on energy reporting and asset management aligns with current trends in sustainable and efficient lighting solutions, adding value to products in environmentally conscious markets.
dali 2 and d4i dimming

Less SKU with Flexible Features

  1. Wide Input Voltage Range for Global Use: 180-528Vac wide input range enables sports lights manufacturers to reduce the number of different SKUs required for global distribution.
  2. NFC Wireless Programming for Customization: With NFC wireless programming, manufacturers can offer their clients the ability to easily customize output currents, enhancing the product’s flexibility and user-friendliness.
  3. Versatile Output Options: Offering 3 or 4 output channels that can be paralleled for single or dual output configurations, this driver provides sports light manufacturers with the flexibility to meet diverse lighting requirements with fewer product variants.
  4. Multiple Dimming Protocols: Compatibility with DMX512, RDM, DALI-2, D4i, 0-10V, and PWM, allows manufacturers to cater to a wide array of lighting control systems, further minimizing the need for multiple SKUs.
  5. Dual Dimming Connectors with Daisy Chain Support: The inclusion of two dimming connectors supporting daisy chain connections simplifies installation and increases the adaptability of lighting systems.

Superior Reliability

  1. Robust and Durable Design: The IP66 and IK08 rated enclosure ensures high reliability and robustness, making the product ideal for demanding environments and increasing confidence for manufacturers in terms of product durability.
  2. Built-In 20kV Surge Protection: With a 20kV surge protection capability, the driver helps users save on additional surge protection devices, offering a more cost-effective and integrated solution.
  3. Extended Lifetime and Warranty: A 100,000-hour lifetime and 7-year warranty provide sports light manufacturers with a highly reliable product offering.
  4. Comprehensive Safety Features: Equipped with OTP, OVP, and SCP, this driver ensures safe operation, enhancing product reliability and user trust.
  5. External NTC Protection Support: The ability to support external NTC protection adds an extra layer of safety, allowing for precise temperature monitoring and control, further enhancing the product’s reliability and appeal to safety-conscious clients.
waterproof 700

Global Certifications (ongoing)

Product Range

ModelsInput VoltageOutput PowerOutput ChannelsOutput Power/CHSize
TYKT1K8-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac1800W3600W500x152x90 mm
TYKT1K5-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac1500W3500W500x152x90 mm
TYKT1K2-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac1200W3400W380x152x90 mm
TYKT900-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac900W3300W380x152x90 mm
TYKT600-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac600W3200W380x152x90 mm
TYKQ2K0-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac2000W4500W500x152x90 mm
TYKQ1K6-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac1600W4400W500x152x90 mm
TYKQ1K2-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac1200W4300W380x152x90 mm
TYKQ800-Cxxx-XYZ200-480Vac800W4200W380x152x90 mm

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