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To help you better understand DALI dimming technology, we created a 30 pages PDF book. It was prepared by our experienced DALI engineers and product managers. You can get it free today just by putting your E-mail here. 

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tunable spectrum grow lights

Key Design Considerations for Tunable Spectrum Grow Lights

Tunable spectrum grow lights offer a significant advantage over traditional grow lights by allowing you to adjust the light spectrum to optimize plant growth at different stages. Here are some key design considerations to keep in mind when choosing or developing a tunable spectrum grow light: Light Spectrum Control: Light Source Technology: Light Delivery and

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stadium light led driver developing trend

Stadium Light LED Driver Developing Trend

Stadium lighting plays a vital role in providing illumination for sporting events, concerts, and other large-scale outdoor events. In recent years, the development of LED technology has led to significant advances in stadium lighting, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and versatile. One key component of LED stadium lighting systems is the LED driver, which plays

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stadium lights wrgb

WRGB Dimmable Stadium Lights

Stadium lights that use WRGB technology are a type of LED lighting that incorporates four colors of LED chips: white, red, green, and blue. The WRGB system is designed to produce a wider range of colors and achieve more accurate color rendering than traditional RGB systems, which use only three colors (red, green, and blue).

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17!wrgb led driver800450

WRGB LED Driver Considerations for Sports Lighting Application

A WRGB LED driver for sports lighting refers to a power supply or control system designed specifically for sports lighting fixtures that use a combination of White (W) and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs. The WRGB configuration allows for a broad range of color options along with white light, providing flexibility in sports venue illumination.

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flickering evaluation

New LED Light Flickering Evaluation

Light flickering refers to the rapid and repeated variation in the intensity or brightness of a light source. This phenomenon can be visually perceptible and can cause discomfort or even health issues in some individuals. It’s important to address flicker issues, especially in environments where visual comfort and safety are critical, such as offices, homes,

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stadium light developing trend

Stadium Light Developing Trend   

Stadium lights have come a long way since the early days of incandescent bulbs and metal halide lamps. With advancements in technology and the need for more energy-efficient lighting, there have been significant developments in the design and implementation of stadium lighting. Here are some of the latest trends in stadium light development: 1.LED lighting

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amsterdam 600

Quick Flashing and Dynamic Effect For Stadium Lights

Quick flashing for stadium lights is a technique used to enhance the visibility of moving objects, such as players or balls, during sporting events. The technique involves rapidly turning the stadium lights on and off, creating a flashing effect that can be seen by the human eye. This technique is often used during televised sports

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lighting control 6 4

Major Smart Control Protocols For LED Lighting

There are several major smart control protocols for LED lighting that are widely used in the industry. These protocols provide a standardized way to control and communicate with LED lighting systems, allowing for greater flexibility and interoperability between different systems. Here are some of the major control protocols for LED lighting: 1.DMX512 DMX512 is a digital control

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The Ultimate Guide to DALI

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LED Driver Ultimate Guide

LED lighting penetrates everybody’s life, becoming more intelligent and more sophisticated. When designing high quality and excellent luminaire, the design engineer must carefully understand the LED Driver since it is the heart of a light fixture. This article describes the most frequently used LED driver concepts and provides the methods to select a suitable and

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Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers in China

China’s economy has grown significantly over the past years allowing the outdoor lighting industry to become a world-leader manufacturer. As the industrial enterprises continue to develop, the outdoor lighting demand also expands creating multiple options for companies and individuals to choose from. We have compiled a list of the 10 best outdoor lighting manufacturers in

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2022 Top 10 LED Driver Manufacturers in China

LED lighting systems continue to soar as we can see everywhere. But do you know that there is a driving force as the key component behind the LED fixtures? They are the LED drivers. The LED power supply regulates the LED fixture’s power (voltage or current), thus precisely controlling the light output. In addition, high quality LED

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