16A Inrush Current Limiter

Product Feature

  • Limit Inrush Current to 16A
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Integrated Bypass Relay
  • 5 Year Warranty

Product Application

Capacitive Load, High Inrush Current Load

rsh 016a

Technical Data

Input100~264Vac 50/60Hz, 16Amax
Max.Inrush Current25.0A @240Vac
Max. Working Current16.0A
Dimensions66×68.0x38.5 by mm (body), 93.0×68.0x38.5 by mm (end caps included)
Connecting wireH07RN-F 3*2.5 mm2, L=Brown; N=Blue; PE=Yellow/Green)
Working environmentTemperature:-40℃~+85℃; Relative humidity:≤95%
Shell protection gradeIP67

Product Picture

Wiring Diagram

rsh 06a wiring
Inrush Current Limiter Wiring

Mechanical Design

rsh 016a s,mechanical drawing
RSH-016A inrush current limiter mechanical drawing

How to test inrush current?

Usually, the LED driver has the largest inrush current when it starts at 90 degrees or 270 degrees, so we need to monitor the inrush current at these two points. But it’s hard to make sure that it turns on exactly at 90 or 270 degrees.

phase shift

We can build a device to guarantee that the driver turns on at full voltage, so it will have the max. inrush current, then we can capture the inrush current by oscilloscope. The general idea is that we parallel a lot of capacitors. contact uPowerTek sales if you want the value of the capacitor.

inrush current testing tool

To start the test, we need to put an MCB between the driver and the device. First, charge the device, then switch on the MCB and you can get a perfect inrush current waveform like this.


Mistakes about inrush current waveform

Some people get a waveform like this. Actually it’s not the inrush current waveform. When turns on the driver, it will charge the x capacitor first, it’s very quick and only lasts for several microseconds.

incorrect inrush current waveform
incorrect inrush current waveform

How many power supplies or inrush current limiters can be connected behind the MCB?

We have this article to explain everything, read now.

LED Driver Inrush Curren and MCB Quantity

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How many power supplies can be connected behind RSH-016A?

The max. working current of this product is 16A, so the total input current of the power supplies should be less than 16A. For example, the input current of 150W LED driver is around 0.75A at 220Vac, then it can connect 16A/0.75A=21pcs 150W LED driver. It’s better to have some margin, let’s multiply 0.9 and we get 18pcs.

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