Plug and Play LED Driver Product Portfolio

You can get different output power and current range for your quantum board and bar LED grow lights.

  • Output Power: 200W/240W/320W/400W for LED quantum boards grow lights.
  • Output Power: 500W/600W/700W/800W/1000W  for LED grow bar lights.
  • Output Voltage: Typical 48Vdc to 56Vdc, Up to 280Vdc.
  • Input Voltage: Typical 120-77Vac, 347Vac to 480Vac available
  • Dimming: 0-10V & PWM, Dim to off
  • Auxiliary: 12V 300mA auxiliary power.

Why Choosing Plug and Play LED Driver for Grow Lights

By using the plug and play grow lights LED driver, users could benefit from saving labour costs and increasing product reliability.

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Better User Experience

Growers like simple and user-friendly products. With the all in one design LED driver, users don’t need to worry about the wire connection.

Saving Labour Cost

Grow light manufacturers don’t need to spend a lot of time doing the wiring and assembling. The labour cost is increasing each year, saving labour costs means increasing profits.

Saving Material Cost

The dimmer box can be eliminated, as well as wires and connectors. These raw materials can help you save a lot of money.

Better Appearance

No wires and extra connectors on the LED grow light, everything looks clean and neat, better appearance boosts more sales.

What Options Do We Have

Upowertek has different kinds of input and output connectors, cables, dimming knobs and RJ ports.

image 5
There are three kinds of input, wire, C14 plug and waterproof connectors
image 7
The LED output can be a waterproof connector or cable, RJ12 and dimming knob are optional
image 6
We have two kinds of width LED drivers, 90mm and 120mm

Grow Lights LED Driver Features

Upowertek plug and play LED driver has very high efficiency and support different kinds of dimming method.

  • Upt to 96% Efficiency
  • Supply Voltage: 90-305Vac or 127-420Vdc
  • Great Surge Immunity 6kV (10kV optional)
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75℃ & 7 Year Warranty @ Tc<=75℃
  • AirsetTM NFC Programmability or Cable Programmability
  • +/-2% Output Current Accuracy
  • Isolated 0-10V/PWM/Timer/DALI/DMX Dimmable
  • Dim Off with 0.5W Standby Power
  • 12V 300mA Auxiliary Power to Power Controllers and Fans
  • Class II Model Available
  • UL Class P, Class 2
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1,61347-2-13, 62384
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Lead Time

  • Samples:  2 or 3 days usually. It takes more time if there is any customization requirement, such as private label.
  • Volume orders: 3 to 4 weeks usually.
  • Shipping time: It takes about 3 to 5 days to ship by express,such as DHL or UPS,  and it’s around 2 to 4 weeks by Sea.
  • Guarantee: Upowertek has an efficient team to process your orders, we try everything to short the lead time. Even under shortage of raw materials this year, we stocked enough components to meet our customer’s demand for lead time. For some top urgent projects, we have special team to ensure everything is on schedule.

7 to 10 Year Warranty

  • Upowertek has strong R&D team, strict process and professional factory to ensure high quality of the LED drivers.
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Strict Process
  • Qualified Components
  • Adequate Design Margin
  • Strict Verification Hardware System

Tell us your requirements

uPowerTek has a flexible sales strategy on grow light market, and we also would like to listen to our customer’s suggestions to optimize our products. A strong R&D team is ready to turn your idea into real products.

    *We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected

    Meet Our Team

    A professional team is always ready to deal with your requirements! The company’s core team is a group of senior engineers who have been deeply involved in the lighting and switching power supply industry for many years.

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