Agricultural and Poultry Lighting

Agricultural and Poultry Lighting LED Driver

LED Driver Features

  • 48V constant voltage output for poultry lights
  • Supply Voltage: 90-305Vac or 127-420Vdc, 380Vac for 2 hours
  • Great Surge Immunity 10kV
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75℃
  • 7 Year Warranty @ Tc<=75℃
  • Isolated 0-10V Dimmable
  • Flicker-Free Dimming by Output Voltage Adjustment
  • Class II Model Available
  • UL Class P, ENEC/CB/CCC SELV Output
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3, 61347-2-13, 62384
waterproof led driver
Poultry Lighting LED Driver
poultry lighting 1024 2

48V Dimmable LED Driver

bld 060 v 1
Model NumberOutput PowerOutput CurrentOutput VoltageDimming
BLD-320-V048-DNS-V00000 320W0-6.7A 48.5Vdc 0-10V
BLD-400-V048-DNS-V00000 400W0-8.3A 48.5Vdc 0-10V

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