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To help you better understand DALI dimming technology, we created a 30 pages PDF book. It was prepared by our experienced DALI engineers and product managers. You can get it free today just by putting your E-mail here. 

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blk series ul

uPowerTek BLK Series 400W-810W LED Driver UL Certified

Oct, 2022, uPowerTek announces that BLK series 400W-810W non-isolated LED driver has been certified with UL class P. This new series is representing the top-level design in this industry and will be applied in grow lighting and various industrial lighting high-power luminaires. BLK series has the non-isolated design. And it has a wide input voltage

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neumueller lf

Light+Building 2022 Frankfurt Exhibition / uPowerTek New Products Show

Light + Building 2022 has opened its doors in Frankfurt from 2 to 6 October 2022. uPowerTek as one of the professional LED driver manufacturers, the new products are exhibited at Germany distributor Neumüller’s booth (Hall 8.0 E40), which attracted customers all over the world. Light + Building is the most important international sector meeting

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nfc 600

uPowerTek Announces NFC Programming app for iOS

On September 19, 2022, the NFC programming app applicable for iOS phones  developed by uPowerTek was officially launched. iPhone users can search for “uPowerTek Airset” in the app store to download and install this app. Previously, uPowerTek only released the NFC programming software for Android phones, it is not so convenient for the iPhone users who

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emi5 800

uPowerTek EMI Laboratory Launched

Recently, after the initial hardware construction, test equipment installation, and nearly 2 months of commissioning. uPowerTek’s new EMI laboratory has been successfully completed, which marks our company has formally have the ability to test IEC55015, CISPR15 and FCC Part 15 and other industry standards independently. LED has been widely used in the lighting industry with

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uPowerTek BLD Series 75W and 96W LED Driver D4i Certified

August, 2022, uPowerTek announces that BLD series 75W and 96W LED driver has been certified with D4i. This new series meets the latest D4i standard DALI part 101, 102, 150, 207, 250, 251, 252 and 253. Now the two models are listed on DiiA website product database. D4i is the new DiiA specifications that build on

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uPowerTek Achieves New US Patent of LED Driver

June 21st, 2022, Hangzhou, “Control method, control device and electronic apparatus of resonant circuit” developed by uPowerTek won the national invention patent US11368096B2. This patent is a good practice of our company in advocating technological innovation and has high practical value. Since the company’s establishment, the company has focused on increasing investment in scientific research.

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uPowerTek released new generation NFC programmable D4i LED driver

Today uPowerTek released new generation BLD series 40W to 120W NFC programmable D4i LED driver. The new products meet the latest D4i standard. NFC programming function is also available on this new series, and users could program the output current plus other functions by NFC programmer or smartphone with NFC communication. D4i is the new

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uPowerTek BLD Series 400W-900W LED Driver UKCA Certified

May, 2022, uPowerTek announces that BLD series 400W-900W LED driver has been certified with UKCA . This new series is representing the top level design in this industry and will be applied in grow lighting and various industrial lighting high power luminaires. BLD series are designed with patented high efficiency power circuitry and uPowerTek own

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uPowerTek Announced New LED Drivers For Poultry Lighting

uPowerTek today announced a new product series for poultry lighting with UL, ENEC, CB and RCM certified. The high efficiency and the great thermal management design make the product suitable for high ambient temperature and humidity usage. Poultry lighting is different from ordinary industrial lighting. The physiological characteristics of poultry should be fully considered. The

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