Frequently Asked Questions

Standard LED lights only provide illumination but LED grow lights are for vegetation and flowering. For this reason, LED grow lights have a more special spectrum of red, green, and blue for better photosynthesis. And the installation density or a system power density is much higher than conventional LED lights.

no, you can’t.

Yes, you can, but the results will be terrible. It will not be smooth, and it will produce blazing and jerky lights. As a result, the light lamp will fail soon.

Yes, you do. But first, you need to determine whether the LED you are using has a dimming option or not.

Yes, we have 12V, 24V and 48V constant voltage LED drivers, the output power ranges from 60Watt to 400Watt.

Yes, Our products pass UL class P Certification
Yes, our products can dim to off if the dimming voltage is lower than 0.5V, and the dim off voltage can be set by our programming software

yes, because these drivers can control the flow of electricity running through LEDs.

Technically, yes, it will increase the life of LEDs. But the reason behind this is the temperature. Because less electricity will keep the electricity cool and it will extend its life. But with time, the output of the LED will reduce