Why Using LED Driver’s Auxiliary Power for Intelligent Lighting

Currently more and more luminaires are using the intelligent controllers for smart lighting system or fans to cool down the fixtures so they want to use a DC power source which is normally 12V or 24V with small power like 1~3W. Basically there are two solutions to have the small power, one is using an independent AC/DC adapter and the other is to use an integrated solution which means that the LED power supply contains the auxiliary power.

Figure 1: Independent Solution


Figure 2: Integrated Solution


Integrated solution has overwhelming advantages over independent solution as below:

  1. 10kV surge protection and IP67 are the standard protection of Upowertek LED drivers, while normal AC/DC adapters are 1kV and IP54 protected. Integrated power supply is strongly protected by the LED driver so much more reliable than adapters especially for industrial usage or outdoor.
  2. Easier wiring. Apparently integrated solution has less wires and much simpler connection.
  3. Less cost. Integrated solution just adds around 2-3 USD compared to standard drivers, but a waterproof reliable AC DC adapter costs much higher than that.


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