uPowerTek Wireless MESH Power Pack PMS Series UL Certified

July 4, 2020, uPowerTek announces that PMS Series power pack has been certified with UL60730.

uPowerTek PMS series is an AC input wireless controller which can convert the wireless signal to 0-10V and soft switch on/off the load. It builds in Bluetooth, Zigbee or WIFI modules, and users could control the devices individually or by a group based on the MESH function. This wireless controller will be widely utilized in industry lighting and commercial lighting smart systems.

uPowerTek PMS Series has very low inrush current thus system designers have more choices for the MCBs, and this is very convenient for large project installation. PMS series can be connected to 3rd party solutions like Tuya Smart APP which is very popular among large number of companies. And this device can be used not only in the lighting industry but also in the smart home application. Users could control multiple intelligent devices with just one APP, which brings a very friendly user experience.

These are great features of PMS series products:  

  • 100-277Vac Input
  • Mesh Network with BLE/Zigbee or WiFi
  • Threaded Nipple for Junction Box Wiring
  • 6kV Surge Protected (only with uPowerTek LED Drivers)
  • 0-10V or DALI2 or UART Output to LED Driver
  • +/-1% Accuracy Power Report (optional)
  • Inrush Current Free
  • NFC Programming
  • LED Module Temperature Reporting by NTC (Optional)
  • LED Drive Temperature Report (Only UART Version)
  • Historical Data Records
  • 12Vaux Power (optional)
  • External Antenna (optional)

If you would like to know more about our company, please feel free to contact us at sales@ uPowerTek.com

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