Upowertek Videos

0.1 % CCR Dimming Driver
NFC Programmable LED Driver
High Power Waterproof LED Driver
High Voltage Input Grow Light Driver
Company Introduction
Grow Light Driver
High Quality Driver
Constant Voltage Dimming Driver
Custom Driver
Low Failure Rate Driver
Ambiot Software System And Lora controller
PLC LED Driver
Wireless Dimming LED Driver
DALI Dimmer LED Driver
LoRa control system
NB-IoT control system

Bluetooth 0-10V dimmer support mesh network built in Casambi core

Upowertek Releases World’s First CCR Mode 0.1% Dimmable LED Driver

What is UL Class P Certification for LED Driver?

320W Slim Line LED Driver for Horticultural Lighting Fixtures

Upowertek Constant voltage PUSH dimmable LED driver test

Upowertek Constant Voltage 0-10V dimmable 12V 24V LED driver with PWM output

Program IP67 Waterproof LED Driver by NFC Cellphone APP

Upowertek Outdoor Dimmable LED Driver Dim to Off Test

Upowertek -60℃ LED Driver Cold Start Test

Upowertek NFC Programmable LED Driver
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