uPowerTek Showcases New LED Drivers at 2024 Hong Kong Lighting Fair

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At the 2024 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, uPowerTek, a Sino-US joint venture and national high-tech enterprise, unveiled its latest LED driver technologies to the global audience from booth 1A-F23. The unveiling, which took place on the first day of the fair held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, marked a significant milestone for the company in demonstrating its leadership in the high power and intelligent LED driver industry.

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Following its notable participation at the Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this year, uPowerTek has continued to impress with a range of innovative solutions:

High-Power Waterproof LED Drivers

Highlighted for their high efficiency of up to 97% and wide power range from 300W to 2000W, uPowerTek’s newest high-power LED drivers are tailored for diverse lighting applications. These include horticultural and stadium lighting, equipped with features such as dimming, dim-off, and flicker-free operation. The design optimization of these products not only ensures superior quality and reliability but also help clients in cost reduction.

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Multi-Channel LED Drivers

In response to the increasing market demand for adaptable and customizable lighting solutions, uPowerTek introduced its multi-channel LED drivers at the fair. These drivers, supporting up to four independent output channels, offer manufacturers design flexibility. They cater to tunable spectrum and RGBW lighting systems, with precise control achievable through independent 0-10V dimming interfaces, DMX, or DALI technologies.

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LED Drivers for Street Lighting

Additionally, uPowerTek showcased its latest series of D4i LED drivers, with IP67 and IP20 waterproof ratings and certifications from UL Class P and ENEC. These drivers are ideal for LED street lighting and various outdoor applications, ensuring excellent performance and reliability.

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As the Hong Kong Lighting Fair progresses, uPowerTek invites customers to explore the future of lighting technology at booth 1A-F23. The company’s team is on hand to discuss how these advanced LED drive solutions can enhance lighting products and projects.

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