uPowerTek Releases World’s First CCR Mode 0.1% Dimmable LED Driver

Now most of the low dimming drivers are designed with PWM mode to get low output, but they have the problems of strobe flickering under cameras and potential audible noises. To solve the problems, uPowerTek released the first constant current reduction mode 0.1% dimmable LED driver in the world, the BSR-055 series.

Compared to other CCR mode LED Drivers, it has much lower dimming level and especially with great regulation of +/-0.05% and consistency thanks to the digital control circuitry inside. And to make sure of the smooth dimming control, BSR series has built 2048 digital dimming levels inside, and it supports customization of linear, logarithmic or even square dimming curves.

And it is the first linear slim line driver which integrates DALI, 0-10V, PWM and time dimming in one model. Also it has the NFC programming laptop software and android app available.

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