uPowerTek Launches New Products for Horticultural Application

March 27, 2021, Hangzhou, China.uPowerTek has launched a full product portfolio 480-800W LED drivers with 120-277Vac input, and this is the low input version of existing TLD series. The new series has the following features:

800W 600W Grow light LED driver
800W 600W Grow light LED driver
  1. Electrical Performance.
  • The efficiency is extremely high up to 95.5%. The high efficiency results in the high light efficacy of the grow lights thus saves a lot of money for end customers.
  • Extremely low inrush current. The standard version of 400-800W driver has only less than 20A so as to ease the selection of circuit breakers for existing systems.
  • Great dimming performance. Dimmed down to 10% smoothly without any flickering.
  • Full range and choices of output.
Universal InputInput Voltage (Vac)Output PowerOutput VoltageMinimum Current  Maximum CurrentCertificate
TLD-800-C16A-XYZ-LV0000108-305800 W29-54Vdc14.8A16.6AUL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC
TLD-800-C15A-XYZ-LVP680108-305680 W27-57Vdc12A15AUL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC
TLD-600-C12A-XYZ-LV0000108-305600 W29-60Vdc10A12.5AUL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC
  • Ground cable at the output which makes the usage safer, and it is certified by UL Class P.
  • High Reliability and long life time up to 100khours.

2. Miscellaneous Choices for Physical Interfaces.

  • uPowerTek provides full options for different grow light connections and control schemes. Here is the table of options. Different suffix code will be provided by uPowerTek sales for different options.
Options for ConnectionIndustrial Choices IP66Consumer Choices IP20
InputCable/ Waterproof ConnectorC14 Plug
OutputCable/ Waterproof Connector
Dimming ControlCable/ Waterproof ConnectorRJ12 x 2/ Knob
  • T connectors for input cable.

3. Miscellaneous Control Protocol Choices

  • Wired Solution. uPowerTek drivers support 0-10V/resistor/time/DALI/RS485/DMX protocols, even proprietary ones can be customized.
  • Wired Solution. Zigbee and Bluetooth protocols are available for the antenna version.

With the certification of UL class P, ENEC, CB, CCC and RCM, uPowerTek solution is able to meet most of the market demand for horticultural application. Please feel free to contact with our local distributors or sales@uPowerTek.com if any questions.

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