uPowerTek launches NBIOT street light solution together with Lingtek

Recently, uPowerTek, a brand of focusing on intelligent lighting LED driver, and the famous intelligent lighting solution manufacturer, Lingtek, launched a low-cost and high-performance NBIOT intelligent street lighting solution in Hangzhou. This solution is based on the <<CSA051 NB-IoT-based road lighting terminal controller interface requirements>> introduced by the China Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance. It also demonstrates the pursuit of simple, reliable, easy-to-use and low-cost design concepts.

The PMR version of uPowerTek BLD series can cover 40-150W power range for different input and output requirements, and can provide output voltage and current status, and internal temperature of LED module and power supply to LT-NBSL2X controller. At the same time, the BLD series directly supplies the NBIOT controller with a working voltage of 12Vdc, which makes the whole system directly protected by 10kV high surge protection capability. The system also support remote switching lights, digital dimming, over voltage/over current/over temperature protection, and luminaire status monitoring. The sensitivity of the NBIOT signal is -129dBm.

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