uPowerTek Launches Commercial Lighting Networking Solutions Together With Tuya

Tuya bluetooth dimming

Recently, uPowerTek, a brand of intelligent lighting LED power supply, combined with the well-known smart home lighting solution manufacturer Tuya Network launched a low-cost and high-performance indoor office environment networking solution in Hangzhou. This solution pushes the design concept of simplicity, reliability, ease of use and low cost to the extreme. In this overall solution, users can choose Bluetooth, Zigbee or Wifi versions to control the luminaire according to different usage environments and requirements.

uPowerTek uses a high-precision 0.1% dimming CCR mode flicker free slim driver in this system. It is also the only non-PWM 0.1% dimming driver in the industry. In high-end office lighting, the consistency of the brightness of the lamps has a great influence on the light quality, and the high-accuracy drivers can meet such demands. At the same time, the Tuya intelligent controller only needs to have 12V DC voltage to output high-precision analog signals to control the LED driver, with the mature mobile phone APP to achieve control of the intelligent network. Compared with the single-lamp intelligent controller that is currently running for hundreds of dollars, this control scheme greatly reduces the cost and accelerates the popularization and application of intelligent networking in the office environment.

It is understood that uPowerTek and Tuya Network will also introduce the integrated LED driver of the Tuya control module, the more powerful controller with power meter function and PC-side setting software, providing a more abundant choice for the intelligent lighting market.

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