uPowerTek launches 150W LED drivers

150w nfc programmable led driver

Today uPowerTek has launched the new 150W LED driver series to compete in the high end street light market. The features include the 10kV surge protection, 12Vaux with 300mA capability, dim to off function and much compacter packaging compared to the competitors. This family covers 500mA-6.3A with constant current output, and 24-48Vdc with constant voltage output. Also it comply with UL8750/UL1012 and IEC61347 safety regulations. The typical standby power of the product is 0.5W which meets the energy star requirement. The extremely low THD and high PF value with very wide load range make the product very competitive in the market. The long life of 65khours@75C Tc and over 300khour MTBF will give the confidence to the light designers for a long life and high reliability luminaire design. IP67 waterproof rating is always there to make sure of the outdoor usage. The great potting and heatsinking technique plus the Japanese long life capacitors make 5 year warranty very much reasonable.  One more thing is that this product series support the dimming functions of 0-10V, PWM and time which is factory set easily.

To get more information of this product, please contact with us by sales@uPowerTek.com.

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