uPowerTek Launched 20 Watt Wireless Tunable White LED Driver

To meet the increasing market demand for indoor wireless smart lighting, uPowerTek launched a new wireless tunable white LED driver in BPR-020-D series, which is high-performance with 20W output power, output voltage range 24~40Vdc and max. output current to up 500mA.

BPR-020-D series has two-channel outputs to control the warm and cold LED modules respectively, and users can adjust the color temperature and luminance via Zigbee, Bluetooth, or WIFI easily. 1% dimming level and smooth dimming transition make this series able to support a lot of different scenes.

What is more, users can preset the output current by DIP switches, thus to achieve one model applicable to different light fixtures and help users reduce the pressure of inventory and cost greatly.

BPR-020-D series, built-in with Tuya as well as other smart control modules, supports Bluetooth or Zigbee control so that the LED lights with this series can be controlled individually or in groups as your wish.   

Features of the BPR-020-D series wireless tunable white LED driver:

  • Supply Voltage: 180-265Vac
  • Dip Switch Output Current Selection
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75C
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 1% Dimmable
  • Dim Off with 1W Standby Power
  • Low Inrush Current
  • Class II Driver
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3
  • 61347-2-13, 62384

If you’d like to know more about product information, please kindly feel free to contact us through e-mail sales@uPowerTek.com

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