uPowerTek Brings New Products of LED Driver to the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

With the continuous development and maturity of new lighting technology, LED gradually shines brilliantly in the lighting market. Various new products and scenarios are constantly emerging, which adds a lot to the daily life of cities and residents. In the whole LED industry chain, the LED  power supply is an extremely important part of the LED industry chain, because the lifetime and reliability of the LED driver will directly affect the lifetime of the LED lamps.

With the continuous development of the LED application market, more and more abundant market demand has brought new requirements to the performance indicators of the LED driver. In addition to higher requirements in the efficiency, life, constant current precision, high reliability and dimming stability of the driving power supply, the future LED driver will be intelligent, integrated, stroboscopic-free, high power density and lightweight.

As a representative enterprise in the field of waterproof high-power intelligent LED driver in China, uPowerTek has been committed to the development and production of high-quality intelligent LED terminal solutions and high-power LED power supply. As a technology-oriented enterprise, uPowerTek continuously adds high-quality solutions to emerging markets such as LED intelligent lighting, grow lighting and outdoor high-power lighting by introducing new high-tech products, such as 600W ultra-high power density LED driver, DALI LED driver, NFC programmable LED driver, PLC LED driver and intelligent LED driver which can communicate though UART.

From June 9 to 12, 2019, the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) will be held in Guangzhou. As the vane of Asian lighting industry, GILE has always been the top show for major lighting enterprises to release new products and new technologies. uPowerTek displayed NFC wireless programming technology in this exhibition. Users can easily adjust the default output current of power supply without wiring, set timing dimming parameters, and configure NTC and CLO functions. In terms of intelligent dimming, uPowerTek presented the latest products, such as NB-IoT LED driver, built-in PLC LED Driver, Bluetooth MESH networking LED driver and Lora controller with power meter function, which meet the interface requirements of CSA051 Intelligent Road Lighting Terminal Controller. The booth number of uPowerTek is: Hall 13.2 D36

In addition to the appearance of several new products, the founder and general manager of uPowerTek Geroge Mao, the co-founder and vice president Neo Dong, and the partner of Ambiot CEO Sergey Torbeev from Russia was also introduced in detail through the OFweek platform in the form of live video.

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