uPowerTek BLD series Constant Voltage LED Drivers are Certified by CCC

On February 5th, 2021, uPowerTek announced that BLD series constant voltage LED drivers were certified by CCC.

CCC certification is called “China Compulsory Certification”, a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government according to laws and regulations to protect consumers’ personal safety and national security and strengthen product quality management. It’s a pass to enter the domestic market.

The latest CCC certification covers 150W to 480W output power. It supports 90-305Vac input and 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48Vdc output. 0-10V, PWM and DALI-2 dimming are available on this product series, the minimum dimming level can be as low as 0.1%. The waterproof level is up to IP67, the products are widely applied to LED strips and landscape lighting.

These are great features of BLD series constant voltage LED drivers:

  • Supply Voltage: 90-305Vac or 127-420Vdc, 380Vac for 2 hours
  • Great Surge Immunity 10kV
  • PWM Output Frequency >1kHz
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75C
  • 5 Year Warranty @ Tc<=80C
  • 0-10V/PWM/DALI /Push (Switch) /DMX (RDM) Dimmable
  • 2% Minimum Dimming Output
  • Dim Off with 0.5W Standby
  • 12V 300mA Auxiliary Power to Power
  • Controllers and Fans (Optional)
  • Input Over Voltage Protection (Optional)
  • Class II Model Available
  • UL Class P, ENEC/CB/CCC SELV Output
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3, 61347-2-13, 62384

The CCC file number is 2021011002368219 . More information can be found on the CNCA website. www.cnca.gov.cn

For more information about our company, please visit  www.uPowerTek.com or contact us at sales@uPowerTek.com

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