uPowerTek Announced Universal Input IP67 LED Driver BLD Series Sustainable for 380Vac Input

After half year test, uPowerTek announced that the BLD series support operating under 380Vac for 2 hours. Because of the unique reliability design and great design margin, BLD series were proved to be able to support this tough feature, which especially needed for some applications where the grid is not stable or the wiring is easy to be mis-connected. In developing countries where 220Vac is common, connecting two lines to the driver instead of line and neutral will lead to 380Vac input. Most of the drivers in the market die with this high voltage. There are also some applications where generators are used for powering the lights, and the startup voltage overshoot is extremely high though the set point is 220Vac. So the support of 380Vac operation will solve a lot of problems for luminaire reliability consideration.
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