Upowertek Announced All BLD/TLD Series Support Luminaire Thermal Protection

Today Upowertek released a new add-up to the BLD (universal input) and TLD (200-480Vac) product family. Now more and more luminaire designers released that the thermal feedback and protection of LED module (Lamp OTP) is essential to a high quality luminaire and in smart lighting systems, luminaire temperature information is also sometimes required.

The luminaire is protected by lowering down the driving current when it is overheated. There are two ways to set the luminaire thermal protection scheme. One is by factory setting which means that the current foldback scheme is fixed in the firmware before delivery from factory, and the other is that by NFC Airset user interface the users can set schemes according to different situation which is more flexible and suggested.

Please feel free to contact with [email protected] to get more information about ordering samples and software instructions.

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