Parallel Use Constant Current LED Drivers to Get High Power

LED light engine is replacing traditional solutions like HPS, HID and MH rapidly especially in high power markets like stadium lights, pole lights and grow lights. Luminaire engineers find it a headache to find suitable 600W, 800W and 1000W LED drivers and even if they find some, they may suffer from the long lead time and expensive prices of those drivers. Then what is the solution from uPowerTek since we don’t make those drivers, yes, we have solutions of paralleling 320W and 400W drivers to get double or triple power. Here is the schematic of using multiple drivers in parallel, and remember that only constant current drivers can be paralleled.

This is a very easy connection for most electrical technicians. Compared with the large power LED drivers, this solution has the advantages below:

The uPowerTek LED drivers can be paralleled even the output wattage rating is different, for example, BLD-400 can be paralleled with BLD-320 to get 720W. So the purchasing does not need to make stock of 600W, 700W, 800W,1000W and 1500W, and they only have to get two models: 320W and 400W.

Short lead time. Large power LED drivers to utilize special components which are expensive and the vendors usually don’t have adequate stock in the warehouse. BLD-320 and BLD-400 standard lead time is much shorter.

Higher reliability. The heat is more concentrated in a single driver solution so the temperature of key components like electrolytic capacitors is higher than multiple driver solutions since the efficiency of those drivers are similar up to 94%. Also, multiple driver solutions could provide energy to light engines even if there is one driver failure.

Lower cost. 400W is the trade off-balance point of using two 200W and a single 400W. If the power rating goes higher than 400W, two drivers will be cheaper than a single driver.

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