NB-IOT Whitepaper


The LPWA market has existed for about 10 years; it’s not a new thing. The current technologies (solutions) supporting this market are fragmented and non-standardized, therefore there are shortcomings like poor reliability, poor security, high operational and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the new overlay network deployment is complex.
NB-IOT overcomes the above defects, with all the advantages like wide area ubiquitous coverage, fast upgrade of existing network, low-power consumption guaranteeing 10 year battery life, high coupling, low cost terminal, plug and play, high reliability and high carrier-class network security, unified business platform management. Initial network investment may be quite substantial and superimposed costs are very little. NB-IOT perfectly matches LPWA market requirements, enabling operators to enter this new field.
NB-IOT enables operators to operate traditional businesses such as Smart Metering, Tracking, by virtue of ultra-low-cost ($ 5 ) modules and super connectivity (50K / Cell), also opens up more industry opportunities, for example, Smart City, eHealth.
NB-IOT makes it possible for more things to be connected, but also managing the commercial value of the resulting Big Data is a big task, operators can carry out cooperation with related industries, in addition to selling connections, they can also sell data.

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