Innovative Technology, Foresight in LED Intelligent Field

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year while the corona-19 epidemic disrupted the normal economic movement, especially the apparent impact on the Chinese economy. To the LED industry, small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced more significant impact. Under the pressure of current development, there is no doubt that greater demands on capital, innovative technologies, and digitization for the LED industry are increased.

The 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held successfully after the corona-19 epidemic. With so many exhibitors attended, it showed that the lighting industries in China and Asia broke out the innovation after the epidemic’s impact. The entire lighting industries are more careful about the globalization process brought by new technologies and the internet. uPowerTek has always insisted on the research and development of high-quality intelligent LED drive products. uPowerTek showed the latest outdoor and indoor smart lighting solutions at this exhibition, such as waterproof tunable white drivers for tunnel lighting, a wide range from 30~800W drivers for industrial lighting, DALI-2 dimming drivers, and wireless control solution for indoor lighting. In the meantime, uPowerTek exhibited a series of competitive ultra-high and ultra-low temperature products.

As light designers increase their lighting efficiency requirements, personalized lighting, energy saving, and environmental protection, smart and intelligent lighting, as the most effective solution, will become an irresistible trend in the development of the industry. At present, smart lighting has started and motivated the industry’s long-term growth to replace and update lighting rapidly. uPowerTek goes ahead with this tides, CEO of uPowerTek, Mr. Geroge, said, ” For the horticultural market, uPowerTek has released the world’s smallest and highest efficiency 800W and 600W power supply, with super low inrush current and programmability. For the outdoor lighting market, uPowerTek brought the CCT LED driver which covers 40-240W for latest tunnel light demand. At the same time, in the indoor intelligent lighting market, uPowerTek has developed a series of wireless control lighting solutions, including 5W to 40W wireless intelligent drivers for panel lights, downlights and spotlights, through which users can control the brightness and color temperature of the lamps on mobile phones, panels and voice. ”

As a new-generation company, uPowerTek has burst out a strong market vitality since its establishment. The core team is from leading companies in the industry, such as Philips, Delta, and Inventronics, etc. They have clear ambition on LED drivers and had output innovative technologies and high-quality products continuously during the last few years. It has provided excellent support to open a new and glorious market in the future.

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