Differences between RJ Series Connectors for Grow Light Applications

rj series connectors for grow light

More and more smart control systems are adopted in grow light system in quicker manner nowadays. One of the most common methods to link the lights to controllers is by RJ series connectors thus understanding the differences among RJ11, RJ12, RJ14, RJ25 and RJ45 is very important for the system makers. This article helps you to make it clear.

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The RJ name represents the registered jack, which is derived from the USOC (UNIVIRSAL Service Ordering Codes Classification Code) of the Bell system. USOC is a series of registered jacks and its wiring methods to connect the user’s device to the public network.

RJ12 and RJ25

Both are almost the same and the only difference is the wire type used:

RJ12 is used with solid wire.

RJ25 for use with stranded wire.

In this article, RJ12 is regarded the same to RJ25.


Comparison of contacts of RJ11, RJ14 and RJ25 (RJ12)

RJ11 and RJ14, RJ25 (RJ12) are the same series, with the same size and 9.6mm wide, but the number of contacts is different.


The RJ11 has only one pair of contacts in the middle, which can be connected to a pair of lines, which is represented by 6P2C; RJ14 uses 4 contacts in the middle, which can be connected to 2 pairs of lines, which is represented by 6P4C; RJ25 (RJ12) uses all 6 contacts. It can be connected to 3 pairs of lines, which is expressed as 6P6C.


Comparison of RJ45 and RJ25 (RJ12)

The key difference between RJ25(12) and RJ45 is that the contact number of the RJ25(12) is six, and RJ45 is eight. It is different from their installation and connection methods and the number of wires used for connection.

RJ25(12) is a connector with a slot of six conductors for connecting to the phone line. RJ45 is a connector with eight conductors to connect to large functional networks like Ethernet. The RJ45 uses cat 5 as well as cat 6 types of wiring. The last difference is the size, RJ45 is about 11.6mm wide while RJ25 is only 9.6mm.



When using the RJ series connectors, it is essential to understand the differences between different connectors, and also knowing the pin assignment and definition is another key factor to the success of realizing a high quality smart grow light control system.

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