BLD/TLD Family Upgrade Notice: Globally Certified Cable Adoption

Recently uPowerTek got BLD/TLD series updated from UL cable (part number ending with “U”) to global certified cable by the new part numbers ending with “S”.

The difference between the old models and the new models is shown in the BLD-150-C example below.

  • Model Name Difference.

BLD-150-C140-ERU is the previous UL cable model, and it is UL Listed class P rated.

BLD-150-C140-ERS is global certified model with both UL recognized and ENEC certifications.

  • Cable Difference.

BLD-150-C140-ERU cable is typically UL cable with PVC jacket, like the figure below shows. 18 AWG minimum, rated 600 V, min. 105 ºC. SJTW. t Tab

BLD-150-C140-ERS cable is typically UL cable with rubber jacket, like the figure below shows.

17 AWG minimum, rated 300 V, min. 105 ºC. SJOW.

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