7 Year IP67 LED Driver Warranty Announcement from uPowerTek

uPowerTek today announced the 7 year warranty terms for the best seller 30-400W BLD (90-305Vac) series and 160-400W TLD (180-528Vac) series. The design target of life is 100khous @75℃ case temperature and MTBF reaches over 300khous in the same condition. Both series include constant current and constant voltage drivers, and employ the advanced design, supreme semiconductors from Infineon, ST and longest life capacitors from Japan. They were already proved to be able to support longer warranty after years of operation in the field. The great reliability and unique design provide the smooth cold startup in the condition of -55℃, which is required in northern pole areas.

Though there is internal over temperature protection, the users have to pay attention to the case temperature of drivers when they design BLD and TLD series in because life is highly related to temperature while uPowerTek only provides 7 year warranty with case temperature less than 75℃.

Please contact with sales@uPowerTek.com to get the details of the warranty terms.

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