uPowerTek Showcases New LED Drivers at Light+Building 2024


uPowerTek is thrilled to announce its participation in the Light+Building 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, happening from March 3rd to 8th in Frankfurt, Germany. Positioned at the forefront of technological innovation, uPowerTek is located at booth 10.2 D60C, where it will unveil its latest advancements in LED driver technology to an international audience.

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This year, uPowerTek, a pioneering Sino-US joint venture and a state-level high-tech manufacturer, is set to highlight its most recent innovations in high-power LED drivers, and showed the latest products on the both booths of our German agent Neumuller and the  DALI Association simutenously. These cutting-edge solutions are engineered to meet the diverse and specific needs of customers, ensuring reliability and efficiency in various lighting applications.

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High-Power LED Drivers

uPowerTek continues to lead the market with its high-quality LED drivers, boasting up to 97% efficiency. The range includes non-isolated drivers from 300W to 2000W, ideal for high-demand applications like grow lights and sport lighting. These drivers feature dim-to-off and glow-free capabilities, offering high reliability and cost-efficiency by utilizing advanced designs.

Multiple Channel LED Drivers

Expanding its product lineup, uPowerTek introduces multiple channel LED drivers at the fair. These drivers support up to four channels output, simplifying the design process for tunable spectrum and colorful lights. This innovation not only saves on driver box space but also significantly reduces overall costs. The latest TYK series, supporting DMX/DALI-2/D4i dimming, is specially designed for sports lighting, showcasing uPowerTek’s commitment to technology and performance.

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Street Lighting LED Drivers

With a keen focus on outdoor lighting, uPowerTek presents its newest D4i LED drivers. Boasting IP67 waterproof ratings and UL class P certification, these drivers are perfectly suited for LED street lighting applications, demonstrating uPowerTek’s dedication to quality and durability.

As Light+Building 2024 is underway, uPowerTek invites attendees to visit our booth 10.2 D60C from March 4th. This presents a unique opportunity to explore uPowerTek’s latest LED driver solutions firsthand and to discuss with our team how these technologies can elevate your lighting projects. Don’t miss the chance to witness the future of lighting technology with uPowerTek at Light+Building 2024.

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