uPowerTek Relocation Completed

Since its establishment in 2016, uPowerTek was formally relocated to the 5,000-square-meter production building of Jinsheng Technology Park to create a new entrepreneurial journey.

This relocation has doubled the area of R&D and office areas, while the factory’s production capacity has been enlarged to nearly 2.5 times to origin. The company has newly added a whole imported SMT production line and two top-level plug-in wave soldering lines. At the same time, aging equipment and product assembly lines have increased.

Since its establishment, uPowerTek has been carrying the quality-oriented corporate philosophy, committed to providing customers with high-quality smart LED drivers, and has won wide recognition and trust in the industry. With the continuous challenges in market competition, to better meet market development requirements and enable the company to continue to maintain stability and breakthrough in the future, we have decided to move to Hangzhou Binjiang Jinsheng Technology Park, which provides us with more area and high-quality supporting services.

The new place has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, with direct access to Puyan Station of Metro Line 4. The new working environment has strengthened employees’ sense of mission and responsibility for the company’s future development. We believe that we can write a new chapter here.

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