uPowerTek released new generation NFC programmable D4i LED driver


Today uPowerTek released new generation BLD series 40W to 120W NFC programmable D4i LED driver. The new products meet the latest D4i standard. NFC programming function is also available on this new series, and users could program the output current plus other functions by NFC programmer or smartphone with NFC communication.

D4i is the new DiiA specifications that build on DALI-2, enables DALI in the IoT era, and its power supply specifications focus mainly on intra-luminaire DALI.

d4i 1
d4i 2

NFC (Near Field Communication) is now frequently involved in everybody’s digital life, such as transportation, security, payment, cellphone data exchange and tags. It is a kind of short-range wireless communication technology firstly developed by Sony and NXP. Then TI and ST made more choices to make NFC more widely adopted and cheaper in consumer electronics. Now it is also applied to outdoor programming LED drivers, the user experience is friendly because it doesn’t require wiring when programming.

The metal casing is applied to this new series, IP67 waterproof level makes sure reliability in outdoor applications. As we all know, the metal casing can block the transmission of NFC signal. uPowerTek overcame technical barriers, applied the NFC technology on the IP67 waterproof LED drivers, and received many patents. Users could adjust the output current, setting CLO and NTC thermal feedback by NFC smartphone or NFC programmer.

New generation NFC programmable D4i LED driver has wide input voltage 90-305Vac, IP67 waterproof level and 10kV surge protection guarantee reliability for outdoor applications. Product lifetime reaches 100k hours benefits from Japanese NCC and RUBYCON capacitors. 24V 3W auxiliary power is also available on this series, it can provide power for intelligent controllers or sensors, simplify the system design and improves reliability.

Product Features

  • D4i/DALI2.0 Comply with IEC62386-101,102,150,207,250,251,252,253
  • Integrated 16Vdc Bus Power Supply
  • ±1% Energy Report Accuracy
  • Dim Off with 0.5W Standby Power
  • 24V 3W (10W Transient Peak) Aux-Power
  • Great Surge Immunity 10kV
  • -60DegC Cold Ambient Startup (Optional)
  • 100,000Hour Life & 7 Year Warranty
  • +/-2% Output Current Accuracy
  • Class II Model Available
  • UL Class P, Class 2

Download the datasheet to know more about the products.

You can also contact our sales or distributors to get quotation.

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