Upowertek Release dim to off 0-10V dimmable LED driver

400W LED driver

Upowertek launches it’s new generation BLD series LED drivers, this series LED drivers are equiped with 0-10V dimmable function, and it also supports dim to off function, many customers requires this function for intelligent applications.

Upowertek’s IP67 0-10V dimmable LED driver can dim to off at 0.4V, and dim on at 0.7V, which can be compatiable with most of the dimmers and controllers. Since most of the dimmers can not reach 10V, so Upowertek makes it happen by developing 0-9V LED drivers, then the dimming voltage is at 9V, the output current is 100%.


0-10V dimmable LED driver

8月 2021

6月 2021

5月 2021



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