Upowertek launched the 30-480W NB-IoT LED drivers

With the arrival of the 5G era, the NB-IoT protocol will also gain more applications due to its more stable network coverage, lower cost of use, and faster network deployment. Recently, Upowertek, a brand focuses on intelligent LED driver, has launched a low-cost and high-performance NB-IoT intelligent street lighting driver in Hangzhou. This series of driver is mainly based on The CSA051 road lighting terminal controller interface requirements based on NB-IoT technology launched by China Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance. The power range covers the outdoor waterproof lighting requirements from 30-480W.

The CSA051 version of this BLD series driver made by Upowertek provides the NB-IoT controller with output voltage, output current status, LED module and internal temperature information of the driver through UART communication. The product directly supplies 12Vdc working voltage to the NB-IoT controller. The entire system is directly protected by 10kV great surge immunity. Note: The 《CSA051 road lighting terminal controller interface requirements based on NB-IoT technology》 , organized by the China Semiconductor Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance (CSA), and jointly developed by Bixian Technology, Lingtek Technology. and other NB-IoT industry leading enterprises and traditional lighting industry leading enterprises as the industry norms, were officially released in 2018.

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