uPowerTek Introduces Enhanced NFC Programming Capabilities with FEIG’s CPR30+ NFC Programmer

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uPowerTek, a leader in innovative LED driver technology, is thrilled to announce the integration of FEIG’s advanced CPR30+ NFC Programmer into our latest programming software. This groundbreaking development marks a significant enhancement in our NFC programming capabilities, allowing us to offer our customers unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in LED driver programming.

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The FEIG CPR30+ NFC Programmer, known for its robust performance in the lighting industry, is now fully supported by uPowerTek’s programming software. This programmer, compatible with both ISO 15693 and ISO 14443-A/-B standards, is an established reader according to Zhaga Book 24, making it an ideal solution for diverse applications within the lighting sector.

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Key features of the FEIG CPR30+ include:

  • Enhanced Power Modes: The addition of the “NFC High Power Mode” enables users to achieve greater reading ranges and enhanced reliability with small or weak transponders, offering a significant improvement over traditional methods.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for use in offices, workstations, or at the point of sale, the FEIG CPR30+ brings versatility to various settings.
  • Multi-Tag Protocol Reading: This feature allows for efficient handling of multiple tags, streamlining the programming process.
  • Zhaga Book 24 Compatibility: This ensures seamless integration into lighting industry applications, aligning with uPowerTek’s commitment to industry standards.
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uPowerTek’s decision to support the FEIG CPR30+ stems from our continuous effort to improve the programmability of LED drivers. Our new software version not only supports the basic output current programming function, but also enhances the key programmable functions such as time dimming, constant lumen output, and thermal protection with more precision and ease.

We are excited to offer this enhanced programming capability to our customers, confident that the FEIG CPR30+ will bring a new level of efficiency and reliability to LED driver programming. uPowerTek remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions in LED technology, and this integration is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Please download the latest version by clicking the button below.

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