Top 13 Best High-Power Plant Lights 2021 by LED Grow Lights Depot

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Recently, LED Grow Lights Depot, a well-known YOUTUBE grow light media, has named the TOP13 best >4’x4’ high-power plant lights in North America in 2021. Let’s take a look at who won the titles and provide our comments of these products.

TSL ROI-E720 from Growers Choice.

The independent power supply design makes the lamp look exquisite and elegant. Simple folding and RJ12 plus knob dimming increases the characteristics of this lamp. uPowerTek BLD-800 series is suitable for this series of products because of its small size and super high efficiency.

Enlite Flora 780W from Enlitehorti.

This is one of the very few tri-fold folding products on the market. The best mechanical design is well-deserved.

Gavita Pro 1700e

Needless to say, the works of the giant in the industry are excellent in design. uPowerTek BLD-610 series products perfectly match this lamp with a slim-line, high-efficiency compact design.

ThinkGrow Model H,

A high-efficiency product that can adjust the red light and white light separately to adjust the spectrum of the whole lamp. It also has a digital display for dimming position. Trolmaster, a well-known manufacturer of control system, cooperates in-depth to provide control solutions. uPowerTek BLD-610 series is quite suitable for the long strip power cavity design of this lamp.

Grow Light Science Grow 300

It adopts 300W modular design to cover high-power applications as a group and it super cost-effective, suitable for small families or commercial growers. The BLD-320-B series is the best partner for those cost-effective pursuers.

Grower’s Choice ROI-E680

Also comes from the product of Grower Choice, refer to the E720 product.

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 600 Rspec

Representative of cost-effective products, excellent product performance, concise and direct product design ideas, covering the most extensive needs of the market. The BLD-600 series is the best choice for this type of product.

Crecer PanthrX II

Simple and efficient design with built-in power supply and opening holes for convection to ensure a certain amount of heat dissipation, but there is still challenge for the internal power supply. Even if this product uses uPowerTek BLD-610 series products, strict temperature testing is required to ensure a long life. At the same time, options for dimming or not dimming are provided for cost considerations.

Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0

This is a highly technological design and the only plant light that supports wireless control of the spectrum in this article. The power supply is also built-in, but compared to Crecer PanthrX II, this design has more openings in the main body thus more convection can be achieved, so the thermal environment faced by the power supply will be more friendly. BLD-610 is also a good choice for this product.

Growcraft X6 – 600 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit

This is one of the most powerful DIY home plant lights at present. The external independent power supply design makes the lamp more flexible and more in line with the DIY positioning. The super high luminous efficiency is the biggest feature of this lamp.

XT 1000W CO2 Pro LED

The super high luminous efficiency and super power allow the luminous flux of this machine to reach close to 3000umol/s, and the 10 LED modules make the lamp look extraordinarily domineering. The IP65 fully waterproof structure allows this lamp to be used in almost any planting environment. uPowerTek will soon release the BLD-1K0 series that can be used for 1000W large plant lights.

NextLight Mega Pro

The design of the folded quantum board, the independent power supply with the outer shell and the direct waterproof connector have completed the IP65 design of the entire lamp. The product also integrates a waterproof dimming button to realize simple manual dimming. Compared with the knob, this design is higher IP rated and more reliable. uPowerTek 710W products can perfectly support this design.

Horticulture Lighting Group Scorpion Diablo

The quantum board design with the highest light efficiency, super cost-effective.

Thus we have finished the review of the best designs in the grow light industry, if you want to learn how to improve the efficacy, PAR or PPF of the grow lights, you can find answer in this article.

Improving Photon Efficacy, PAR, PPF and PPFD for Horticultural and Grow Lights

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