High Accuracy LED Driver Helps Improving the Light Quality

This article illustrates the necessity of using high accuracy LED drivers for general lighting and how to realize it.

The phenomenon of bad consistency

Take office lighting for example, people are looking for a lighting system like this:


Rather than this especially when the lights are dimmed down:


LED driver output current impacts the light performance

As we know that LED light output is generally proportional to the driving current, so to make a light system have uniform light output by different light fixtures, we have to make sure that the driver output currents are very close with one another.


Perceived Light vs Measured Light

Now most of the LED driver current accuracy is +/-5%, which seems to be good enough for most of the un-dimmable applications, however, if the lights are dimmed down to 10%, for example a non-uniquely designed 700mA driver is down to 10%, 70mA, look at the accuracy of the 70mA, you will see some are 90mA, some are 60mA. Imagine your system is driven by those heavily non-uniform output currents. For human eyes, the dimmed down light difference is more easily to be perceived.



uPowerTek provides the partners with +/-2% accuracy LED driver, and the more important feature is that it also provide very high accuracy in the dimming mode. Here is the comparison.


uPowerTek is always focusing on improving the light quality of intelligent control lighting system. We use the internal auto-adjustment close loop feedback technique to realize this great feature and accuracy. Also the very high accuracy current sensing resistor is used, as well as the advanced error amplifiers to make sure of minimum offset voltage.

If any questions please contact with us by sales@uPowerTek.com.

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