Wireless Controller

Wireless Controller Features

  • 5V or 12V DC input
  • 0-10V or Uart output
  • Bluetooth MESH protocol
  • Group management
  • Support schedule function
  • Cellphone control
  • uPowerTek APP
  • Single-channel or multiple-channel output
wireless controller

How does it work?

Input: It gets power from the computer USB port or LED Driver’s 12Vdc auxiliary power, which means that it has DC input, so that the size can be very compact, and it can be very robust.

Output: It outputs a 0-10V signal, the 0-10V signal is connected to the LED driver’s 0-10V dimming wire.

Control: For the controllers to have a dimming knob, users can control the output manually. Users can also pair the controller with their cellphone, and then control the output by a smartphone.

Product Applications

Grow lighting, High bay lighting, Sports Lighting.

What do we have?

dca rj12
RJ25 Port
dca m25
M12 Waterproof Connector
wireless controller 750
Dimming Knob

How to connect wires?

wireless controller side view
  1. The LED driver should have 12V Auxiliary power.
  2. Connect one of the LED driver’s 12V auxiliary power to the “12V+” port. Please leave another two “12V+” ports alone.
  3. Connect LED driver’s dimming wire to “DIM+” and “GND” port.
  4. The 12V+ and DIM+ share same “GND”.
wiring diagram controller

How to pair it with a cellphone?

  1. Download uPowerTek APP at APP store
  2. Ensure the antenna is installed and rotate the knob to <Wireless>.  
  3. Open the APP and then follow the steps below.  
  4. Reset the device if the controller cannot be found.  
pair controller

How to control by group?

creat group

How to reset?

DCG Series

Step 1, Rotate the knob to <Wireless>.

Step 2, Switch the knob back and forth 8 times between <Wireless> and <100%/EXT>.

Light will blink after a successful operation.

DCA Series

Step 1, Power on the system.

Step 2, Use a magnet to touch the controller when it’s working.

Light will blink after a successful operation.

What’s the max. distance between two devices

It depends on the working environment, the distance between two controllers should be less than 20 meters usually. Since the controller supports bluetooth MESH, the distance between the first controller and the last controller can be hundereds of meters.

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