How to Ensure 7-10 Year Warranty

Upowertek has strong R&D team, strict process and professional factory to ensure high quality of the LED drivers.

  • Experienced Engineers
  • Strict Process
  • Qualified Components
  • Adequate Design Margin
  • Strict Verification Hardware System

Professional Technical Team

Master Degree of Zhejiang University
Philips, Inventronics Background
20 Years R&D

Design Stages and Documentation

Market Analyze

  • Customer enquiry
  • Collect competitor’s info
  • Evaluate market demand
  • Evaluate cost

Project Initiate

  • EVT, 1pcs
  • Electrical performance test
  • Functionality test
  • Product Thermal test

Initial Design

  • DVT, 3pcs, Functionality & Thermal
  • Stress & EMI
  • Electrical & ambient
  • Life and MTBF

Pilot Run

  • 100pcs, Functionality & thermal
  • Electrical performance & ambient test

Final Design

  • PVT, 30pcs, Functionality & thermal test
  • Electrical & ambient test
  • Life acceleration test

Stress Analysis

Upowertek performs stress analysis in the DVT stage and output reports for every product platform. All the LED drivers are designed with conservative margin.

MTBF Calculation

MTBF Calculation:  MIL-HDBK-217

Software: Relcalc 217F2

mtbf calculation

Lifetime Calculation

Among all the components in an LED driver, the bulk electrolytic capacitor has the shortest life, so it determines the life of the whole device
lifetime calculation
  • k is the factor determined by capacitor’s RMS ripple current and operating voltage, it is provided as either a value or a function,
  • L0 is the lifetime value tested in standard condition provided in the datasheet,
  • Ts is the rated case temperature,
  • Ta is the operating case temperature.

halt machine
Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test

Upowertek performs dual 85 test in the product design stage. 5pcs LED drivers is put inside a 85C temperature chamber, then test the performance at 100% output. The test will pass if the LED drivers works at least 21 days.

10kV Surge Protection Test

Upowertek LED drivers are designed with 10kV surge protection function, we use Everfine surge protection device to verify the test, ensure that the product is robust in the design stage.

Trustworthy Raw Material Suppliers


NXP, ON, ST, Infineon


Rubycon, Nippon Chemi-Con


ST, Infineon


TDK, Littlefuse, Yageo
open frame 150W LED driver

Strict Manufacturing Control


  • 2 SMT lines
  • Yamaha/Samsung printer
  • 10 zone reflow soldering
  • 100% AOI check

Wave Soldering

  • 3 wave soldering machines
  • Accurate solder temperature
  • Long preheating zone
  • 100% AOI check


  • A, B glue certified by UL
  • High thermal conduct coefficient
  • Better waterproof performance
  • 100% potting


  • Double Vacuumization
  • Bubble free inside
  • Great thermal conduction and reliability


  • 8 sets burn-in machines
  • Constant temp. 50C
  • 4 hours at full load
  • Electronic load simulates LEDs


  • 8 sets auto testing machine
  • Scan barcode before testing
  • Date recorded and tracebale
  • 100% test at full and 60% load

Worldwide Certifications