PMS-BLE Bluetooth AC Power Pack

PMS-BLE Bluetooth AC Power Pack

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    Product Datasheet
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    • 9月 6, 2019


    • 100-347VacInput
    • Bluetooth Mesh
    • Threaded Nipple for Junction Box Wiring
    • 6kV Surge Protected (only with Upowertek LED Drivers)
    • 0-10Vor DALI2 or UART Output to LED Driver
    • +/-1% Accuracy Power Report (optional)
    • Internal Relay with Zero Voltage Turn On and Zero Current Off
    • Inrush Current Free
    • NFC Programming
    • LED Module Temperature Reporting by NTC (Optional)
    • LED Drive Temperature Report (Only UART Version)
    • Historical Data Records
    • 12Vaux Power (optional)
    • External Antenna (optional)
    • Sensor Input (optional) and Power DALI Sensor


    Only Work with Upowertek Drivers

    (Please contact with [email protected] for more details about this type)

    Model List

    Model Number Input Voltage Core Dimming Output 12Vaux Power Meter
    PMS-BLE-DNK 100-347Vac Tuya Pro 0-10V N N
    PMS-BLE-PNK 100-347Vac Tuya Pro 0-10V N Y
    PMS-BLE-ENK 100-347Vac Tuya Pro 0-10V Y Y
    PMS-BLE-UNK 100-347Vac Tuya Pro UART N Y
    PMS-BLE-ANK 100-347Vac Tuya Pro DALI2 N N

    Contact Sales for Customization of Options.