IP67 waterproof LED driver for horticultural lighting


LED horticultural light is becoming more and more popular, it starts replacing traditional HPS grow light, there are many advantages of LEDs when compared with CFLs or HPS. However, the difference is that LEDs need a good LED driver to power on, because the environment of the grow plants is wet, and there maybe waters, so it needs a IP67 waterproof LED driver, usually the output power is very high, such as 250W, 320W or 400W.

Upowertek’s BLD series outdoor LED driver are designed with IP67 waterproof, from 30W to 400W, both programmable and dimmable, there are also 12V auxliary power in the output side, which can provide power for fans or controllers. Upowertek’s LED driver are potted with PU, the wateproof performance is very good, as high as IP68.

To make it more easilly to use, Upowertek designs special waterproof connector in the output end, to easily connect with LED modules. As for the input cable, Upowertek provide 3 options. 1) Cables with tinny leads. 2) Cables with Type B plug. 3) Cables with C13 connector.

Upowertek’s LED driver is a good choice for grow lights, all the BLD series are UL listed and UL class P certified, UL file No. E487504, and the 400W 2100mA LED driver is the best seller for grow lights.

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