12vdc dimmable led driver with 90-305Vac input

Upowertek’s 12Vdc LED driver is available on 60Watt 100Watt and 240Watt, these 12vdc dimmable led driver support 0-10V, resistance and PWM dimming function.

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
BLD-060-V012-XYZ 90 ~ 305 Vac 60 W 12V 0 5A UL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC/BIS
BLD-096-V012-XYZ 90 ~ 305 Vac 96 W 12V 0 8A UL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC/BIS
BLD-240-V012-XYZ 90 ~ 305 Vac 240 W 12V 0 20A UL/FCC/CB/ENEC/CCC/BIS

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